Monday, 25 March 2013

path of the wrong turn

"life-a wonderful journey where one decision can make the starting meet the end"

our life lies between a knot of bonds of relations.where the decision which we take can change our lives drastically.
when our life takes the first turn of its journey we learn a word "friendship" which takes us into a whole new world...but then in this fast moving world the word often changes to "enemy-ship" giving birth to undiscovered feelings of jealousy,hatredness,antagonism,conflict and "competition"
              this is where our life starts to stumble and crumble and the bumpy ride starts.
deep inside something starts turning everything into grey before even we start our journey...a strange feeling of rejection and loosing starts to overcome our minds stopping us from continuing our journey and we loose before we even start... and this makes us take a path a lot more simpler and easier to walk we start to cheat,hurt and break,we indirectly try to do things without taking any kind of effort or pain but we never realize that by doing this we are forbidding life to teach its beautiful lessons to us.
                    but what makes us take these wrong roads?
is it just because we don't want to take any pain or effort or is it because we want every thing to be reaped without even sowing or is it because we want to win the competition before anyone can...
whatever the reason might be,
we are just keeping ourselves away from the fact that  life is a journey and not a jaunt...
                     and when,after all the competition will be over and all obstacles and hurdles are through we will  lean back and try hard to relax but we all know that we will always  have a feeling of despair and regret inside our hearts which will never let us forget the true essence of life,the dignity and the self respect which we lost since we chose an alternate route  to win the competition of life and we may never be able to earn it back again.
                                      unknowingly while walking through the wrong side we must have shattered abounding hearts and tongue-tiedly moved over them and simply broke all the bonds
                       and now after all the competition is over and now when we need all the love,friendship we will realize that whatever has held me up till now has fallen apart and just like a mirror its into pieces and can never be fixed...      

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